2013, The Year of the Female Black Water Serpent!

In line with Chinese language astrology February 4th, 2013 marks the Photo voltaic New 12 months and February tenth the Lunar New 12 months. As we are saying good bye to the black dragon of 2012 we welcome within the black water serpent. Snakes are carefully tied with the Dragon as they’re stated to have come to earth as a dragon who misplaced his wings and scales.

It is vitally auspicious for us to have closed the chapter on December 21, 2012 and the top of the Mayan calendar and an previous paradigm of imbalance and oppression. We’ve got claimed a rebirth for the Earth and the sacred female is now rising. The female black water serpent is one more auspicious image of her reappearance.

In Chinese language Astrology the feminine black water snake is attractive, romantic, smart, clever, sleek and loves magnificence. She may be secretive and is inventive, modern and diligent. She is right here to assist us shed skins of outmoded methods of being, considering, and residing and to arouse our sexual energies which we will use in additional mature methods for the manifestation of our divine goal and the brand new earth.

Welcome to the comfy inventive watery womb house of the sensual snake. In fact it requires each the masculine and female to cocreate one other. The 12 months 2013 is a 6 12 months (2+0+1+3=6) and in numerology is the image of the love and household. Within the tarot the 6 represents the Lovers, divine sacred Legislation of Union and Oneness by way of the union of opposites! Examples of this power embody Shiva and Shakti, Jesus and Mary Magdalene in addition to Isis and Osiris whom this 12 months’s Temple of Isis Convocation is being devoted to.

Arising on March ninth/tenth is ShivaRatri, the night time of the Hindu Lord Shiva the “auspicious one”! Shiva is an omniscient yogi and lives an aesthetic life whereas on the identical time is the lover of of his spouse Parvati (Shakti) and father of Ganesha and Kartikeya. Often called the “transformer” or the “destroyer” he’s liable for change each within the type of loss of life and destruction and within the optimistic sense of destroying the ego serving to one to shed previous habits and attachments. He’s typically depicted with snakes immersed in deep meditation or because the Cosmic Dancer and even fierce and slaying demons.

In yoga mythology continuing education course we come to know that the kundalini is described as a serpent that sits coiled three and a half instances just below the Muldara (root) chakra. There are each a female facet of this kundalini power referred to as the Ida and a masculine facet referred to as the Pingala. When woke up they snake and undulate their manner up the Shushumna, the central channel, crossing at every chakra rising till they meet face to face on the third eye or the ajana chakra bringing non secular, imaginative and prescient and the presents of woke up sentient beings.

One of many issues that has been limiting humanity from residing in these states is that we’ve been residing in a consciousness of concern and separation misplaced in our egos and the needs of the decrease power facilities with out consideration of the larger good. We have been indifferent from experiencing our interconnectedness and oneness with all the pieces that’s. To lift the kundalini requires all chakras to be open and balanced. In order the sexual power is stirred and rises we’re related with divine knowledge and steering, Mom Earth, our presents and goal, our private energy, an open coronary heart and full self expression. Each Lord Shiva and the black water snake assist us to shed all thought patterns, perception methods, attitudes, methods of being which are not serving. Injustice is being uncovered and the black water serpent is right here to slough these previous methods off like useless pores and skin revealing a brand new gentle supple layer beneath. Nevertheless, don’t cross this serpent and mistake her softness for weak point as inside she is dominated by metallic and fireplace of their masculine type. So though snakes are typically calm, shy and cautious, it’s smart to keep in mind that they may assault if disturbed or hungry!

We are able to make the most of the energies of the black water snake this 12 months to spiral up our evolutionary ladder maturing and rising accessing our full potential. The New Moon is in Aquarius energies that are additionally being infused into the combination are activating our revolutionary and humanitarian spirit. Because the mythological water bearer spreads a dose of pure consciousness and we will refill with clear sight, creative options and the braveness to embrace our authenticity and energy to revolutionize our lives. Launch all self defeating concern and limitations! Slough if off! Keepers of of New Earth! We’re Right here! The time is Now! We’re the Ones we have been ready for!

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